Meet Sportube®

Situated high in the Rocky Mountain ski town of Vail, Colorado, Highland Trading Co Inc. has been a distributor of ski travel cases since 1991.

After working for four months with technical engineers and design consultants, the Sportube brand was conceived, manufactured and launched in 1996 with the introduction of both a single and double ski case with wheels.

Based on the proven success of the single and double cases, the Sportube line expanded in 1998 with the launch of the much requested snowboard case and again in 2001 with the introduction of the Master Series fly rod cases. Sportube continues to be an innovator and leader in providing convenient travel options for sports enthusiasts.

Living and working in the Rocky Mountains has allowed us to create unique and personal relationships within the Snow Sports Industry. For the last 5 years, we’ve been the exclusive ski case sponsor for NAASF, North American Airline Ski Federation. This is a group of airline employees, from American, United, British Airways, UPS, FedEx to name but a few, who compete in a US and International race series, raising money for charity. These guys really put the Sportubes through their paces, which provides us with invaluable feedback for refinements and new innovations.

We’re constantly listening to people and working on fresh ideas to ensure you have the best trip possible no matter what equipment you are taking with you. In fact, our cases are so versatile, they’ve been used for transporting firearms, spear guns, kayak paddles, swords and have just recently been discovered by kiting and soaring plane enthusiasts.

If you’re a serious skier, rider or angler and you want to keep your equipment at its best, check out the benefits of travelling with a Sportube.